Bathroom Design Trends in 2019

Ready to renew, remodel or renovate your bathroom this year? Here’s the Top 5 Bathroom Design Trends to keep you inspired in 2019:

1. Floating Vanities: floating vanities give the space a modern look and can make a small bathroom appear more roomier.

remodeled bathroom with black floating vanity and white counters and pedestal sink

2. Wall-mounted toilets: Similar to floating vanities, wall mounted toilets can save floor space and make cleaning the floor much easier.

remodeled bathroom with a white Kohler wall-mounted toilet with rectangular shape

3. Console sinks with exposed hardware/plumbing: Console sinks are becoming more popular, allowing for elegant, open and ornate industrial design- just make sure you’ve got your storage solution accounted for elsewhere in the bathroom.

remodeled bathroom with industrial looking white console sink with exposed plumbing and stainless steel pipes as vanity legs

4. Side-mounted faucets: Slim vanities with side-mounted faucets can create additional space in smaller bathrooms, or  simply an unconventional design element for your remodel.

remodeled bathroom with white wall tile, white vanity and countertop, backlit mirrors, and two sinks with side-mounted faucets

5. Marble Finishes: Marble can give your bathroom the elegance and beauty of nature, while  providing a timeless look that can stand up to the heat and steam of your shower.

remodeled bathroom featuring marble floors, walls, and countertops with a white vanity and large glass shower with a tub in it

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