Costly Mistakes in Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling your bathroom is a large undertaking, filled with many potential pitfalls for homeowners. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Costly Mistakes -and how to avoid them!

remodeled bathroom with dark cabinets, granite counters, two sinks, a makeup vanity, built-in tub, and skylight
  1. Not Having A Plan – Especially Before Demo Day! Your bathroom, like your kitchen, is a room full of both style AND functionality. Thus, you must have a plan for your remodel before you tear the place apart. Water and electric are costly to move, so it’s an important decision if you’re thinking about relocating your toilet, shower/tub and lighting. Even your outlets are an important consideration. Before starting your remodel with a sledgehammer, make sure you have a solid plan of attack – your budget depends on it.
  2. Not Paying A Pro. You may think you’re saving money by hiring a cheap contractor, but you run the risk of wasting money on sub-par work. Ask your soon-to-be-hired contractor for references and images of past client work. Make sure they have proper licensing and insurance. Websites like Houzz and Angie’s List can assist with this decision as well.  Remember, there’s no greater waste of money than having to complete a project twice.
  3. Putting Form Over Function. You want your new bathroom to look great, but you need to make appropriate decisions for the purpose of the space. These choices include finish materials, storage, and tiling. You want to make sure your materials can withstand the moisture and heat of a bathroom- while holding up to the needs of its everyday use.
  4. Ignoring Proper Ventilation. Without the right bathroom fan for the space, humidity can build up up on bathroom surfaces. Over time, this moisture cause paint and grout to deteriorate, and mildew to form. If you’ve got the added features of a steam shower or heated floors, make sure you’ve also invested in a proper exhaust fan.
  5. Ignoring Your Budget. It’s critical that you do your homework on what you can afford for your bathroom remodel. In addition, set aside reserve funds so that when unexpected costs pop up, they don’t shut down your project or create the stress of an unfinished bathroom. Be realistic so that you don’t have to cut corners- then you and your family can be happy with the finished product!
double sinks with storage shelves in between and 4-light fixtures above each vanity

You can avoid these 5 costly mistakes by calling the JAE Company! We have the staff and experience needed to make your bathroom remodel a positive experience. Give us a call today!