Design Your Dream Cabinets with KraftMaid

The JAE Company has a rich history of working with the finest products and designers, and that’s why we partner with companies like KraftMaid. We know you trust us to build your dream kitchen or bath incorporating the highest-quality products and finishes, and we don’t believe you will find a better cabinet option.

Cabinetry is a central aspect of any kitchen or bath remodeling project, and deciding on the look of cabinets can be one of the most important choices you’ll make throughout the remodeling process. New cabinets provide homeowners with a chance to update the look of their space while also building a custom storage system that works for their particular needs.

Cabinets make up the base of any kitchen and can set the design tone for the entire room. Homeowners armed with inspiration images from Pinterest will love working with KraftMaid to design their dream cabinetry. Choose from over 65 finish options, 100 door styles and over 200 storage solutions to design a truly customized cabinet system that works for your family—and makes a serious style statement.

man in kitchen extending cutting board from kraftmaid cabinet drawer

KraftMaid combines the flexibility and customization you’d find in a local, shop-built option but with the latest finishes and accessories and state-of-the-art manufacturing process our homeowners deserve. We appreciate the KraftMaid difference and are proud to incorporate their customized, built-to-order products into our kitchen and bath remodel designs.

KraftMaid takes a One Kitchen at a Time approach to building cabinets. In order to ensure consistency when making the cabinets for one full kitchen project, and to minimize the amount of handling for each product, KraftMaid requires that all cabinets for a complete order are built on the same line where they are assembled, packaged and loaded for shipping.

And every KraftMaid cabinet is still made by two human hands. This is a company that reveres the time-honored tradition of cabinetry and it shows in their manufacturing process.

KraftMaid’s wood doors and drawer fronts are all finished using the company’s DuraKraft furniture finishing process, which means homeowners enjoy the finest finishes available in the industry. Your doors and drawers are machine and hand sanded, then vacuumed in preparation for staining. KraftMaid applies special stains to create a consistent color and balance the base color of the wood. Next, your cabinets are hand-rubbed with a deep penetrating stain to reveal the hidden beauty of the grain.

woman holding candle lighter next to kraftmaid corner cabinet with open corner drawer

From there, your cabinetry is air-dried before receiving a specialty finish such as distressing or glazing. A specially formulated wood sealer is applied, then the doors and drawers are oven-cured. Your custom cabinetry is finished off with a DuraKraft topcoat, an oven-baked finish that can stand up to everyday wear and tear while at the same time also accentuating the original color and clarity of the wood.

Refreshingly, this hands-on approach actually comes with one of the shortest turnaround times in the industry. Typically, your built-to-order cabinets will be delivered about four weeks from the day you order. And we know a quick turnaround is essential in a home remodeling project with many moving pieces and parts.

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