KraftMaid Takes the Counter Space Back From Your Mixer

We all LOVE our Kitchen mixers, but we don’t love how difficult they can be to get out and use. They are a huge asset to the kitchen for so many different reasons, but unfortunately they can also be a huge pain to move around. They are bulky and extremely heavy to lift up onto the counter or table.

KraftMaid has made a heavy duty pull out shelf that allows you to have easy access to your mixer, without the hassle of hauling it out of storage and straining yourself to get it onto the counter top or table for use.

The heavy duty shelf makes it easy to use and can be quickly put away when you are finished. The hardware of makes it extremely easy to pull up and it locks into place while you are working. There is also a small hole the back of the shelf for the power cord to go through and can be left plugged in so you do not have to make sure you have an open outlet when you are ready to bake.

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