Organization Ideas For Your Kitchen!

Many of our kitchens are lacking one of the most important aspects of them all . . . Organization. An unorganized kitchen can easily cause clutter, frustration looking for lost items, wasted time, wasted space, and unnecessary stress. We chose some of our favorite organization features from KraftMaid that you can add to your home to help turn your kitchen into the kitchen you LOVE to spend time in!

The Pot and Pan Pull out shelving storage. How have we survived so long without this? It’s that amazing! The pull-out shelf makes it easy to utilize every bit of space in your lower cabinets. This feature also gives you easy access to every inch of storage you have. You won’t have to strain yourself searching for lost lids that have been shoved to the back anymore. When you have the pan, you need you just slide the shelve back into the cabinet and you’re done! No fuss storage.

This angled spice rack drawer insert is perfect solution to keep your spices organized and easy to find! The angled shelves make it easy to grab what you need quickly! There is a small section in the back that you can store measure cups, measuring spoons or other small items. We LOVE this idea of using a drawer for spices instead traditional shelved cabinet because it is easier to find what you need while you are cooking. This is a must have feature to your kitchen organization.

kraftmaid spice drawer organizer with containers shown

The Pull-out Cabinet might be one of the most stylish ways of managing your waste and recycling bins ever. How wonderful would it be to store your waste and recycling bins out of sight but still easily accessible? No more hiding your waste can under the sink, or having to walk out to the garage to set your recycling aside. Keep your kitchen cleaner, less cluttered, stress free and beautiful!

kraftmaid cabinet with built-in trash and recycling can holders

Last but not least we have the Double layered utensil drawer. This fun feature helps you keep everything organized and in one easy to find place! By storing larger serving utensils underneath and your everyday silverware above you can double your storage in addition to keeping your counters clean and cluttered free! Now you don’t need to use two drawers for your utensils!

kraftmaid drawer open to showcase silverware and utensil organization

Would any of these fun organization features be a feature in the kitchen you Love?

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