The Roots of The JAE Company

It was 1951 when Joseph and Paul Jacobs decided to carry their family name and reputation, and form The JAE Company. They were later joined by their brother Ray and ran the company together.  A lot has changed since the days the company was located at 433 S. Third Street, but the attention to detail and personalized service has been the focus generation after generation. No other business in this area comes close to the commitment and level of customer service that The JAE Company offers to their clients.

During WWII, there were a lot of industries making war material out of steel but when the war ended, Americans needed to figure out how to put people back to work and what to do with those industries. At that time, the housing industry revolved around the construction of spec homes which included steel cabinets. The Jacobs brothers realized this as a trend and decided to base their business around wholesale stock cabinets.

In 1978 – 1979 when the economy declined and home interest rates went up to 20 percent, builders stopped building spec homes and started focusing in the construction of custom homes. Due to this change in the market, The Jacob brothers reinvented the JAE Company to focus on custom cabinetry, appliances and kitchen design. Customers responded well to the new business model as The JAE Company already had a great reputation in the cabinetry industry.

The Jacobs family line is still involved in running The JAE Company. Mark Humrichouser, who married to Joseph’s daughter, currently runs the day-to-day business operations and his son Todd is in charge of the company’s labor department. Over the years, the kitchen and bath business has changed but The JAE Company continues to thrive generation after generation. People who have previously partnered  with the JAE Company for a kitchen or bath project, will quite often return years later with their children or grandchildren as new customers.  

“We believe in doing right by our customers. We want to help you love your kitchen or bath.  We offer a complimentary design service where we will help you design your dream kitchen or bath, show you our products, and offer great customer service throughout the process,” Mark said.

“Our business doesn’t survive only from reputation; word-of-mouth and generational clients help us thrive,” Todd said.

To learn how The JAE Company can help you love your kitchen and bath, please contact us today.