Top 5 Unexpected Bathroom Remodeling Features

Bathroom remodeling projects always include features such as the toilet, shower/tub, cabinetry, vanity sink, etc… but if you’re looking to make your next bathroom stand out from the crowd, here’s a list of the Top 5 Unexpected Bathroom Remodeling Features.

built-in tv next to standing tub in remodeled bathroom
  1. Entertainment. We’re not talking about that waterproof radio that hangs in your shower! Modern bathroom remodels can now include built-in speaker systems, such as the combo showerhead/speaker from Kohler, to a built-in space for a television. Catch up on the weather or news as you get ready to start your day!
  2. 3D Tile. Subway tile is great, but if you’re looking for something new to really make your bathroom standout, consider three-dimensional tile around your vanity or lighting. It can add design, texture, and intrigue to a normally functional space.
  3. Fire. Ventless fire features are smaller and more affordable than ever. You can add warmth, luxury and even romance to your bathroom with a gas fireplace!
  4. Heated floors and towel warmers. OK, so a fireplace might be tough to include in a smaller budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to totally skimp out on warmth! Radiant floor heating systems are more common than ever, and for the smaller budgets, a heated towel rack can add a lot of value and comfort.
  5. Deluxe showers. From floor-to-ceiling glass, built-in benches and spa-like shower experiences, why settle on just a single shower head and a curtain? You work hard and you deserve the best shower experience every day.
remodeled bathroom with dark wood cabinets and granite countertops with skylight

Feeling inspired to start your next bathroom remodel? The JAE Company has the right team in place to design your next bathroom, complete with all the expected and unexpected features you desire. Contact us today!